Another season has ended and another one begins.....

Congratulations to all our players who made this year a magical season, eventhough we didn't win the State Championship game, it was a season filled with memories of a lifetime.  To our seniors, we will never forget all that you for this program.  Winning 3 straight ILH DII titles, appearing in 3 straight state tournaments and finally making it to the Big game.  You will all be missed.  I want to wish you all the best of luck in all your endevours and you will always have a home here at Damien.

Moving on... For all our upcoming players the off-season is upon us and we will be starting up with our off-season training program in Febreuary.  Please see the attached schedule of dates and player expectations.  We have a lot of work to do in order to live up to what these 16 graduating seniors have set for us.  The bar is high and we need to get to work to make sure that continue to build this program and continue to win championships.  

Off-season Schedule and important dates

2/6/18 Tuesday – Start of 3 days a week training – T/W/TH

-          Individual position work will start via position coaches’ discretion.  Possible Sunday clinics at Damien time and dates TBD.

-          There will be an increase in workouts as we approach Spring Ball to include speed training and on field activity.

5/1/18 Tuesday – (Session 1 – Varsity only) First day Spring Ball tryouts, first session will consist of 5 days. 5/1, 5/3, 5/8-5/10. All practices are 430 – 630pm

– (Session 2) Spring Ball tryouts 5/14-5/18 (Varsity only). 430 - 630pm

– (Session 3) Spring Ball tryouts 5/21-5/28 (Intermediate and Varsity). 315-515pm (Int.), 430 - 630pm(Vars.)

5/28-6/1 Mon-Fri. – Weight room available but not mandatory due to finals week – 3-7pm

6/4 Tuesday – Start of Summer training – Intermediate and Varsity 3-630pm, summer training includes weight lifting, speed training, individual position work, meeting (play installation and film work) and team drills. 

I will update this schedule as we get more information for start dates for the Fall and other schedule information, including pass league and pre-season/regular season games. 

Player Expectations during the off-season:  This is very simple, players are expected to participate in another sport (track, baseball, judo, etc.) or workout and train as a team and participate in individual skill development workouts when they are scheduled.  They can also do any extra work they choose to, as long as they are communicating their intentions with the coaching staff.

**Another major focus should be on Academics and making sure they don’t only stay eligible but to increase their GPA as much as possible during this period, especially if not in another sport. 


- Mahalo Coach Eddie Klaneski