Congratulations to our Intermediate Wrestlers!  
See below for the results from the 2017 ILH Championshps:
(105lbs.) 8th grader Lindsey Ligsay - 3rd*
(70lbs.) 8th grader Dylan Everett - 2nd*
(77lbs.) 8th grader Brock Yashiro - 2nd*
(95lbs.) 8th grader Randy Kubo - 6th
(95lbs.) 7th grader Jayver Chinen-Zablan - 7th
(100lbs.) 8th grader Michael Okoh - 4th
(100lbs.) 8th grader Michael Casas - 5th
(105lbs) 8th grader Bricen Cuesta - 3rd*
(110lbs.) 7th grader Joseph Higuchi - 7th
(120lbs.) 7th grader Cody Yamashita - 3rd *
(127lbs.) 8th grader Chaden Sugihara - 2nd*
(134lbs.) 9th grader Nathan Mason - 6th
(142lbs.) 9th grader Kamren Ide - 5th

Our Intermediate wrestling team placed 5th out of 10 teams overall.

*Medaled in weight class