The Counseling Department plays an integral role in the lives of students at Damien Memorial School by helping them grow into well-rounded individuals who succeed inside and outside the classroom. Our counselors come from various educational and life experiences and therefore assist students in many different capacities.

And because Damien provides an Edmund Rice Christian Brothers education, our services always reflect ideals of the Catholic Church.

By serving as guides and mentors, Damien counselors:

  • Encourage students to appreciate the value of education and take responsibility for their actions.
  • Bring teachers and families together to discuss student progress.
  • Offer tutoring services as needed so students learn more effectively.
  • Work with college counselors to determine where students will pursue higher education.
  • Explore college costs, areas of study, financial aid, scholarships and grants.
  • Expedite the college application process through the online Naviance program.
  • Listen to challenges students face, including issues with school, family and friends.
  • Help students develop confidence in themselves and release unwanted stress.
  • Serve as a resource so students become aware of their options and make positive choices.

For more information, email our counselors here