Damien Hui 'Ohana

The Damien Hui `Ohana is committed to promoting an active partnership among parents, students, faculty and administrators. Our goals are:

● Support Damien by upholding the school's mission statement.
● Promote clear communication among all members of the school community.
● Welcome and support new families joining the Damien `Ohana.
● Organize fundraising events and other activities benefiting the campus.

Contact us at:  huiohana@damien.edu

DHO Seeking Board Nominations for SY 2019-20

Aloha and Happy New Year from the DHO!  

We hope that your holiday season was joyful and look forward to all of the wonderful things that 2019 has in store.  
The DHO continues to be committed to promoting an active partnership among parents, students, the faculty, and the administration.  Keeping our mission alive and accomplishing our goals requires people like you to sit on our board of directors.  We are pleased to announce that we are accepting nominations for the following board positions for the 2019-2020 school year:

Vice-President - assists the President and substitutes for the President in his/her absence; facilitates parent gatherings; invites guest speakers; assigns other duties as determined by the President.

Treasurer - maintains the DHO financial accounts/records and provides a financial report at all meetings and as required by the President; authorizes all bank transactions; helps set the budget; prepares cash boxes; receives all funds and authorizes all bills; should be familiar with accounting procedures, computerized accounting operations, and able to prepare yearly IRS tax report; maintain all accounting procedures as necessary.

Secretary - keeps records of the organization, take and record minutes, handle correspondence and send notice of meetings and agenda to the membership.

Volunteer coordinator - maintain a master list of all parent volunteers with contact information, and the events/projects that they express interest in; assist event chairs in finding volunteers.

Communications chair - responsible for drafting a monthly newsletter and advertising all DHO activities and events for posting on the website.

(2) School representatives [one for middle school; one for high school] - organize parents within the grade levels and assist with DHO activities, forums and hospitality within their grade level; serve as liaison between the DHO and the parents.

(2) Activities Representatives - assist in the planning, finances and coordination of activities supporting the school community.

Fundraising chair - responsible for finding new and different activities to generate income/funds

Family Events chair - responsible for organizing the new family welcome event and orientation of new families throughout the year.

Nominations may be sent directly to huiohana@damien.edu.  NO LATER THAN MARCH 8.  Please enter "NOMINATION" in the subject line and be sure to include the following:

(1)  Contact information for your nominee (name, phone number, and email);

(2)  The position that you are nominating for;

(3)  Why this person would be a good candidate for the position; and 

(4)  Your contact information (name, phone number, and email).

We look forward to receiving your nomination(s).