Next October, during the fall break, eight Damien students and two chaperones will participate in a Mission Trip to Kalaupapa, Molokai. This immersion experience will give our students the opportunity to meet and work with the people of Kalaupapa, just as St. Damien did. While the conditions are much different now than when Damien first served there, the service our students will offer will not only be of help to those who still live there, but even more importantly, this immersion into the lives, culture, and faith of the people will be life changing. Furthermore, through fundraising, all-school prayer, and other awareness-building activities, we intend for the entire student body to in some way take part in the immersion so they too can grow from the experience. Together, as a Damien Ohana, we intend to reach our target funding goal of $4000 to the mission expenses for the students and chaperones. 

Also representing Damien in mission service, Ms. Elle Stricklen has been selected by the Office of Educational Services of the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America to represent Damien in the Pilgrims in Perú program this summer. While the pilgrimage to Lima, Perú, is funded by the Christian Brothers, we are helping to raise awareness of the program and contribute funds to the service projects and ministry sites. The goal is to reach $500 that will go directly to the ministry sites, including a school and orphanage. Upon her return, Ms. Stricklen will share her valuable experiences with the Damien community in order to help us all grow in our faith and cultural understanding.

Your donations and prayers make service trips like these possible. Any donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated and humbly accepted. With your help, we can reach our overall goal of $4,500. God bless.