Mahalo to D.Y. Mikami Construction, Inc.

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D.Y. Mikami Construction, Inc., a Specialty Trade Contractor located in Waipahu, specializing in highway, bridge, and street fence and guardrail construction, recently renovated the basketball standards on the outdoor courts on Damien Memorial’s campus. 

Mikami Construction completely repaired four basketball standards, repainted the posts and backboards, and replaced the basketball rims and nets with professional quality materials.  The change in the condition of the equipment was remarkable and students were quick to notice the improvements and could not wait to play ball on the courts.

And all this renovation was at no cost to the school as Mikami Construction donated all of the materials and labor!

Thank you, Mikami Construction, for providing safe and quality equipment to the students of Damien.  The students, faculty, and Board of Directors of Damien Memorial School greatly appreciate this kind gesture and will always remember Mikami Construction for its goodwill and generosity.

 Mikami Construction is a privately-owned, licensed business located at 94-145 Leokane Street in Waipahu, Hawai’i on the island of Oahu.  Call Mikami Construction at (808) 671-9788 if you are looking for a Specialty Trade Contractor.