DMS Freshmen Recognized In National Science Competition

Damien Memorial School team comprised of Freshmen Elizabeth O’Connor, Mackenzie Plunkett, Zoe Pacarro and Nicole Hirao garnered National Honorable Mention recognition in the National Science Teachers Association ExploraVision competition earlier this year with their Self Healing Roads submission. 

The competition, sponsored by Toshiba, directs teams of students in the United States and Canada from kindergarten through high school to choose a current technology, and under guidance of their teacher(s), to envision what that technology would look like in the future. 

According to the ExploraVision website (, the competition enables students to simulate real research and development of a real world problem to help encourage students to bring ideas to fruition.

Damien team’s ingenious Self Healing Roads submission explained how in the future, our roads could repair themselves by constructing them in various layers consisting of “rubber, epoxy, concrete/asphalt, plastic, compressed springs, pressurized plates, wires, whisk, and dirt/rock (gravel).”  Damien’s Team brainstormed that when a crack or pothole would appear in this type of road, each layer below will by their respective properties, placement, and physical action against them, fill the spaces and holes and therefore the road will be “healed.”

Damien’s team explained that this potentially new technology would thereby save money, time, and frustrations of repairing roads compared to the current technology.  This would definitely fix a real-world problem we encounter daily on our commutes to school and to work.

Congratulations to the team members, supporters, and their science teacher, Mr. Michael Casem who also is the Science Department Chair on a great job done!