Picture/ID Retake/Makeup Picture Day

House of Photography will be on campus Wednesday - August 31st for make-up/retake photos.  This will be in the library, during 4-5-6 lunch period, 10:15 - 12:25.  Here are the instructions for make-up and retakes:

1.  Check below for the list of students (it's an attachment) in your homeroom to see who needs a retake/makeup photo.  If a student needs to be added, let me know via email, I need to keep track of who takes a retake/makeup for yearbook purposes.  

2.  If your homeroom student is listed on the attachment, you will find in your mailbox a hard copy reminder for the student (will place in mailbox by Friday).  Please give the reminder sheet to the student either Monday or Tuesday next week, this will act as the student's reminder and hall pass.  Students are to go to the library for makeup and retake pics during their lunch period. 

3.  For those students who get their printed photos and want a retake, they need to go to the library during their lunch period.  Students doing a retake must bring their photo packet with them, and this will act as their hall pass from lunch.  

If you have not taken a photo or would like a retake, please feel free to do so.  If any questions/concerns please contact Mr. Pablo at tpablo@damien.edu