AEF Tuition Scholarship Application

Application Link:  

Deadline: March 6, 2017

AEF Application Announcement is attached – use this to distribute to families and advertise the program.

Highlights - Application/Changes for this Year:

  • On-line applications only this year - Paper applications will not be accepted for the AEF Tuition Scholarship Program.  All applicant’s questions and necessary documents will be submitted directly to TADS.   
  • Required Documents - For those who file taxes, this year they will submit their 2015 Federal Tax Return (including schedules and W2s/1099s) and their 2016 W2s/1099s.  We now have a Required Documents Form to assist with financial document preparation.
  • Application Assistance Sessions – We are offering Application Assistance Training Sessions on February 8, 15 and 22 (all Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Diocesan Center).  Space is limited and families must pre-register for a session.  These training sessions are noted on the AEF Application Announcement.  I’m more than happy to come to your school to offer an Application Assistance Training Session during the evening and/or daytime.  Please contact me to arrange.
  • School Names - We have aligned our school’s names so they mimic how Kamehameha Schools lists Hawaii Catholic schools in their TADS application for the Kipona/Pauahi Keiki Programs.  We have done this for this year to have consistency with the TADS application process.  Please forgive the inconsistencies with St. and Saint, etc.
  • Your School’s Access to TADS Information - Schools will have limited access to their applicant’s application information and financial analysis (very similar to what you had with PSAS last year).  This is free to all Hawaii Catholic Schools.  If you are interested in obtaining a signed contract with TADS, please let me know and we will arrange an introduction for you.  Please note for our parish/diocesan schools you will use the AEF application link.  We will also be creating instructions on how to use the access you are granted for free with TADS at the Principal/Financial Aid TADS Training Session (see below for more information).  We will again be asking you who will be the point of contact at your school for access to TADS and to assist the AEF with any questions we may have, confirmenrollment.
  • What if applicants have already used TADS to apply with another school or program for the 2017-2018 school year?  They will need to update their TADS application to include the Augustine Educational Foundation. Families log-in to their existing application with TADS, go to the “Scholarship” tab.  You will then check the box for the student listed under the school name with “Scholarship:  Augustine Educational Foundation”.  They will be required to complete some additional questions specifically for the AEF’s program.
  • Later Financial Aid Application Deadline than AEFs or Late Applicants - Your school will be given a process to follow to allow your school’s applicants to continue to complete the TADS application after the AEF deadline. This is designed to accommodate schools who have later financial aid deadlines than the AEF’s or want to accept late application for their school’s financial aid program.  All applicants wanting to be considered for the AEF Tuition Scholarship Program must turn in their completed application by March 6, 2017. More information will be provided on this as we move closer to the AEF deadline, so you will be able to properly instructed your families what to do.
  • Award Notification - we have changed our rounds of award notification, please see the FAQs for more information.
  • Principal/Financial Aid TADS Training Session - We will be having a training session(s) to show you how to utilize TADS for the AEF’s Tuition Scholarship Program (verifying enrollment, putting scholarship awards from other programs, etc).  This will be schedule in mid to late March when we are closer to award letters being distributed.
  • Website – Our updated website is nearly complete. We are still correcting some minor dates/names, but it does not have an impact on our families completing and submitting their application.

Additional Attachments:

  • FAQs 2017-2018 – list of FAQs for this year’s program.  This is also available on the AEF Website for families to easily reference.
  • Required Documents Form – the Required Documents Form lists the most commonly needed financial documents.  This is also available as a link on the AEF Website for families to easily reference.

Download PDF Forms -
AEF Application Announcement
Required Documents