Good Friday Class of 2017 Beach Clean Up

IMG_1270 (1).JPG

The Senior Class of 2017 showed their Damien Monarch pride this past Good Friday, April 14 at Sandy Beach.  65 Seniors spent the morning of this solemn holiday, combing the beach and park areas of garbage and recyclables.  They proudly represented Damien Memorial School.  There were even tour buses that drove by thanking students over their loudspeakers for their efforts.  

I'd like to give a big mahalo out to the faculty that assisted with supervising the students, as well as assisting in the clean up.  Thank you so much to Br. Casey, Erica Chun, Dexter Asuncion, Jeremiah Carter, and Eric Mau, for taking the time out of your schedules to be there.  We couldn't have done it without you.

Let's hear it for our Senior Class of 2017.