DMS Robotics, World Championships, Houston

After facing 400 teams from all the US and countries from around the World. Our robot, literally held together by zipties and duct tape, held its own against plasma cut, laser cut, water jet printed, professionally engineered, metal monstrosities.  I was proud that our "little robot that could" was able to defeat some of them.  And we coulda, shoulda won more without minor errors, missing by one inch, and "mis-judgements" We are half way up the stairs to going all the way to the top, and we owe so much to all of you who blessed us with your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you again.

We, Damien, had 4 wins and 7 losses ranked #57 Hopper Division

Kamehameha 4W-6L ranked #50 Hopper divisioN

St. Louis 4W-6L ranked #32 Turing division

Mid-Pac 2W-8L ranked #63 Carver division

Kalani and McKinley were semi finalists in their respective sub-divisions

No Hawaii teams made it to Final playoffs, but we all learned much and had fun.

Former Ms. Hawaii Stephanie Steuri visited our pit