All students on most days must wear a designated purple or black Damien polo shirt purchased through the school. Orders for these polos are placed on the damien.edu website.

All students on most days must wear khaki shorts or khaki slacks.  Girls may also choose to wear khaki skorts.  Girls may wear previous years’ plaid skorts for the 2017-2018 school year if they fit properly.  All shorts, slacks, and skorts must be purchased from Dennis Uniform Company.

For 2017-2018 school year, students may wear any Damien polo shirt on Mondays.  This option will eventually be phased out.

For the 2017-2018 school year, students may wear any appropriate aloha shirt or approved Damien polo shirt on Fridays. A newly-designed Damien aloha shirt will be available for order in the Spring.  Eventually, only this newly-designed Damien aloha shirt will be allowed as a Friday alternative to the approved Damien polos. 

On all-school liturgy days and other dress-up occasions, boys will be required to wear approved khaki slacks, any collared, white dress shirt, and a tie.  Girls will be required to wear approved khaki slacks or khaki skorts with any white, collared blouse; girls will not be required to wear a tie.  Students may not wear shorts on dress-up days.

Students may wear any approved Damien jacket or pullover.  For the 2018-2019 school year, outerwear will be limited to the Damien letterman’s jacket and two cotton-blend jackets.  One of the cotton-blend jackets will be available for all students, another will be for those in Damien activities: sports, clubs, etc.  This jacket will be the same for all activities except for limited design and lettering options to identify the activity.

Shoes on all days must be low-cut, solid white or solid black shoes, similar to Vans.  Vans will meet our low-cut, solid white or solid black requirement, but other brands can achieve that same look and will be allowed.  If students wear socks, they must be no-show socks or ankle socks, and must match the shoe color.  Uniform shoes may not be worn during PE and other athletic activities, as we will require school shoes remain clean and in good repair.  CLICK HERE for images of acceptable and not acceptable shoes.


All polo shirts, PE clothes, and locks can be purchased online on our Damien website. Please contact Mrs. Noreen Fox (nfox@damien.edu) with any order or fulfillment questions.


Please contact the Deans, Ms. Dani Checinski (dchecinski@damien.edu) or Mrs. Elle Zieser (ezieser@damien.edu), with any general uniform questions.


To recap:

· Every day, all students must have:

o Shoes: ALL black or ALL white low cut shoes. Socks must be all black or all white ankle or no-show socks.

o Student ID card.

o Males: Khaki pants or shorts from Dennis Uniforms

o Females: Khaki pants, shorts, or skorts from Dennis Uniforms (previous plaid skorts are OK for 2017-2018)

o Optional outerwear must be Damien affiliated

· Mondays: Any Damien polo is permitted.

· Tuesdays-Thursdays: New Damien polo (black or purple with D logo)

· Fridays: Any aloha shirt or any Damien approved polo.

· Liturgy Days: Khakis pants or skorts from Dennis Uniforms (no shorts allowed), shoes and ID cards.

o Males: button down white shirt and a tie

o Females: appropriate white, collared blouse