Dress Code Requirements - 2018 - 2019

Dress Code Guide 2018-19

Student uniforms are purchased through Dennis Uniforms

560 N Nimitz Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96817

Tops - Polos, Aloha shirts

All students must wear the designated purple or black Damien polo shirt, purchased through Dennis Uniforms. These polo shirts are required all school days, except for Fridays when students may wear the new Tori Richards Damien Aloha shirt. No other Aloha shirts are permitted on Fridays. If students opt to not wear the Damien Aloha shirt on Fridays, they may wear their black or purple Damien polo shirt.

The custom Damien Aloha shirts can be purchased from the Damien fulfillment room. Men’s cut: http://www.damien.edu/damien-logo-shop/damien-aloha-shirt
Women’s cut: http://www.damien.edu/damien-logo-shop/damien-aloha-shirt-dw4ry

Bottoms - slacks, shorts, skorts

All students must wear khaki shorts or khaki slacks. Girls have the option to wear khaki skorts. All shorts, slacks, and skorts must be purchased from Dennis Uniform Company. No other khakis are permitted. Rolling of shorts, pants, and skorts is not permitted.


Shoes can be purchased from any store of preference. Shoes must be low-cut, solid white or solid black. The entire shoe must be either all black or all white - not both. Shoes with different colored lines or designs will not be permitted. Below are two acceptable versions:








If students wear socks with these shoes, they must match the shoe color, being solid black or solid white. School shoes, especially white ones, must be kept clean and in good repair.

ID cards

Students are provided student ID cards on picture day. Student IDs are part of the uniform and are required to be worn at all times. Replacement IDs are available from the Dean’s Office for $5.


Outerwear will be limited to the Damien letterman’s jacket and Damien specific Under Armour jackets. These jackets are available for purchase on the Damien website.

Damien Under Armour 1⁄4 zip jacket: http://www.damien.edu/outerwear/under-armour-14-zip-black-sweater
Damien Under Armour Women’s zip up jacket: http://www.damien.edu/outerwear/under-armour- womens-rival-jacket

Damien Under Armour Men’s zip up jacket: http://www.damien.edu/outerwear/under-armour-mens-rival-jacket

Damien Under Armour Youth zip up jacket: http://www.damien.edu/outerwear/under-armour-youth-rival-jacket

No other outerwear is permitted on campus.

Liturgy Attire

Once a month, we have all-school liturgies and other dress-up occasions. These liturgies and dress-up occasions can be found on the school calendar. Schoology announcements and morning announcements are made in the week leading up to the event to remind students to dress up.

Gentlemen are required to wear:

  • approved Dennis khaki slacks

  • a solid white, collared, button down dress shirt (purchased from any store)

  • a black tie (purchased from any store)

  • a solid black or brown belt (purchased from any store)

  • regular school shoes

  • student ID

Ladies are required to wear:
• approved Dennis khaki slacks or skort • a solid white, collared dress shirt (purchased from any store)

• regular school shoes
• student ID

PE Uniforms

PE uniforms can be purchased through the Damien website. Any athletic shoes are permitted for PE classes. Students can wear any Damien athletics gear for PE.

T-shirt: http://www.damien.edu/outerwear/damien-athletics-t-shirts
Shorts: http://www.damien.edu/outerwear/damien-athletics-mesh-basketball-shorts

Any questions regarding orders from the school can be directed to: nfox@damien.edu

Any questions regarding the dress code can be directed to: deanofstudents@damien.edu