Legacy Brick


Damien Memorial School is excited to offer an opportunity to purchase a Legacy Brick.  With many alumni looking back on their years at Damien with fondness, as well as families who had or have children who attended Damien Memorial, or even those who are connected to Damien Memorial School in certain ways, a Legacy Brick is a way to leave a mark at this wonderful institution.  For a limited time, Legacy Bricks will be offered for purchase and the collection of bricks will line a wall on the mauka side of our field.  


How to order a Legacy Brick

$275 Legacy bricK

1.  Complete the form below for your brick.

2.  Make a $275 donation for your Legacy Brick order using the secure online payment form below.

Legacy Brick orders will be available up until the end of October.  

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Some gifts of a Legacy Brick may include a first leading line. The following first lines are available. This is optional.