“M” Club News

What is the M Club?
•We are a group focused on the welfare of the school and interested in making an impact on the athletic program 
•Investing in the future by offering financial aid awarded to students meeting the M Club’s criteria

Financial Aid Criteria
•Students required to demonstrate a need
•Subjected to school‘s screening processes
•Apply for assistance by submitting a composition used to evaluate the candidate
•Have and maintain a 2.5 or greater GPA
•Play one or more sports

Invest in the Future
Mission Statement
•Committed vision to invest in Damien to continue its efforts in providing quality experiences in the classroom as well as in the sports arenas
• Ultimate Goal: Win Championships!!

M Club Operations
•Support Damien’s Mission and invest in the future of the Athletic Program•Participate in the final phase of the M Club’s screening process
•Conduct periodic reviews to ensure the program meets its goals
•Issue an M Club Newsletter

M Club Benefits
•M Club merchandise available exclusively to members
•Be proud supporters in the growth of the future and Damien’s competitiveness in the sports arenas
•Avenue to build relationships amongst the alumni and network with future graduates
•Participate in the annual M Club pledge party
•Invited to special events throughout the

Membership Open
•Damien’s Alumni and family
•Persons or businesses passionate in supporting Damien’s Athletic Program

How to Become a Member
•Donation of $500 a year
•Checks are made payable to Damien Memorialand mailed directly to the school
•Earmarked to the “M Club Financial Aid”
•100% tax deductible donationMake your pledge towards the future and a competitive Athletic Program

Please click on the link below for information on upcoming “M” Club Bash.

“M” Club Bash

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Nupena Newsletter