College Advising

College Counseling Services

College Applications

  • Guide seniors through all stages of college application process;

  • Meet with seniors at frequent intervals regarding scholarships and financial aid;

  • Advise students in 9 th to 11 th grade about college options and resources;

  • Provide resources for SAT/ACT test preparation and registration;

  • Serve as point of contact for on-campus college visits to Damien.


  • Advise students, faculty and administration on use of Naviance college and career readiness program.

  • Process college application support forms (e.g., transcripts, recommendations).

Additional responsibilities

  • Ensure CORE courses are registered with NCAA Clearinghouse;

  • Provide guidance to student athletes regarding NCAA eligibility;

  • Facilitate financial aid (FAFSA) seminars/workshops for students and parents;

  • Coordinate October in-school testing for 9 th -12th grades, including PSAT, College Board-Advanced Placement (AP) tests, Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery;

  • Maintain external relationships to bring services/opportunities to students (e.g., scholarships; SAT/ACT test preparation courses; internships; guest speakers; etc.).

  • Update School Profile submitted to colleges where students apply for admission;

  • Serve as AP coordinator in collaboration with College Board;

  • Administer AP program and provide guidance to students and faculty;

  • Administer yearly College Board end-of- course AP exams.

Helpful Websites

For more information on College Advising, please contact:

Jean Ota - College Counselor


Phone:  (808) 841-0195