A member of our faculty, Dr. Jacob Hudson, is teaching Physics, Chemistry and Rocketry this year at Damien. Additionally he is lecturing calculus based Physics, Astronomy, Engineering and Rocketry classes at UH Manoa! But wait...his day doesn’t end there…In addition to his busy teaching schedule, Dr. Hudson is very closely associated with the Hawaii Space Grant Consortium (HSGC) and the Hawaii Space Flight Labs (HSFL).

Through A Rocket Launch for International Student (ARLISS), a project of HSFL, Dr. Hudson holds his Level 3 certification, a highest level certification for propellant handling which allows him to launch rockets at our school under an umbrella insurance policy from the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and the Tripoli high-powered Rocketry Association (TRA).

ARLISS has students design, build, and then test a payload that will act as a planetary probe. Many Universities from around the world take part and students in this program go on to work at NASA, ISRO, and JAXA.

Every year (for the last 8 years) Dr. Hudson has lead a team of UH Engineering students to Black Rock Desert, NV to take part in the launch and receives his L3 re-certification.

Dr. Hudson’s goal for next year is having Damien students involved with the design, build, and launch a payload that will do atmospheric studies, as well as learning about micro controllers, and the virtual class-room.