E Komo Mai: Welcome New Faculty

Mr. Cheyne Nomura

One word that would describe Damien's new English teacher, Cheyne Nomura: eclectic A2010 Kaiser High School graduate, Mr. Nomura worked simultaneously as a waiter at Zippy’s Restaurant (Koko Marina) and a French tutor/Writing Mentor while attending college.

 He graduated from Hawaii Pacific University where he earned a degree in English (major) and film (minor).  His ambition is to work in film as a director/producer and he and a friend have been diligently working on a screenplay.  Mr. Nomura exemplified his flair for performance with a splendid lip-synch routine before Damien’s student body at a recent assembly.

 Even the name Cheyne Nomura is a diverse mixture just like his ethnicity (Japanese, German, Scandinavian, and Native American).  Strongly built and well over six-feet tall, Mr. Nomura looks more like a linebacker than a film director or English teacher, but judging by his students' gleeful reaction to his larger-than-life presence in the halls one can see how the soft-spoken teacher’s diversity shouts excellence and fun.

Mr. Jeremiah Carter


Jeremiah Carter, Damien's new Campus Minister, was born in the Azores, Portugal.  He recalls that being in a military family, he traveled to various parts of the world and settled in Alabama by the time he graduated from high school. 

Mr. Carter attended the University of South Alabama where he competed in cross country and track and was coached by 1968 Olympic track gold medalist Lee Evans.  Mr. Carter graduated in 2006 with a degree in Communications and in 2010 entered the seminary for the Archdiocese of Mobile where he studied pre-theology.

 In February 2014, Mr. Carter received the ministry of acolyte, a member of the religious who assists the priest or deacon primarily in the celebration of the Mass, and received a Master of Arts degree in Pastoral Theology from Saint Meinrad Seminary earlier this year in May.

 The affable and conscientious Campus Minister has not only brought his theological and Christian passion and knowledge to Damien students, but his long-distance running expertise as well as he is currently assisting Brother Samp with the cross country teams.

 “He’s the greatest and the coolest,” said a Damien student on Back to School Night.