damien and third party scholarships

In keeping with the mission of our sponsor, the Congregation of Christian Brothers, Damien Memorial School educates students from all walks of life so they can achieve success in college and careers. We accomplish this by offering one of the lowest tuitions among private middle and high schools in Hawaii. Damien also provides financial aid and scholarships to many families through contributions from the school, foundations and generous alumni.

  • Financial aid application deadline: Feb. 15, 2019.

  • Current student scholarship application/renewal deadline: Feb. 15, 2019.

  • Prospective student scholarship application/renewal deadline: within three weeks of acceptance, subject to fund availability.

Damien offers financial aid to families with a demonstrated need who apply for support each year through Smart Aid. Damien also offers scholarships for academic achievement and for special designations such as alumni, military, and sibling attendance. Financial aid and scholarships apply to tuition only - not fees. Damien does not offer athletic scholarships; further, athletics have no bearing on awards of financial aid or school scholarships.

 All new students eligible for scholarships must complete their applications within three weeks of receiving acceptance to Damien. Applications received after May 1 will be considered subject to the availability of funds and the timeliness by which they are submitted. All applications are considered for Damien aid up to the available caps of $5,100 for Middle School and $6,800 for high school.

For returning students, financial aid and scholarship (formerly discount) renewal applications for the 2019-20 academic year must be completed be February 15, 2019.  Families who fail to apply and upload proof documentation by this deadline may not receive financial aid nor scholarships and will be placed on a waitlist.

 All families must enroll or reenroll and make initial fee payments by the date in April 2019 provided by the school. Families who fail to do so may NOT receive financial aid and will be placed on a waitlist. Moreover, families who fail to meet their financial obligations to the school for the current academic year may NOT receive financial aid or scholarships and will be placed on a waitlist.

Some of the below scholarships may be different from those applied to your student. For questions, please contact Mr. Limos or Mrs. Freeman.


Smart Aid is a third-party program that allows schools to gather information from families seeking financial aid and scholarships. The online application is available in English or Spanish and is easy to complete using Google Chrome. Please note that there is a flat rate fee. For the application to be considered complete, all proof documents must be uploaded to the program. Click here for more information

Damien Scholarships

All Damien Scholarship requests or renewals must be submitted via Smart Aid on an annual basis by the deadlines sent out by the Financial Assistance Team for current families or Alumni Office for prospective students. Please note that this is a change in our terminology - what were formerly known as discounts are now considered scholarships.

With the exception of the alumni scholarship, other "in house" aid may not be combined. Damien's policy is to award families who qualify for multiple scholarships the greatest of the amounts.

Damien Academic Scholarship

New 6th to 9th grade students applying to the school can qualify for a partial academic scholarship based on successful completion of the Damien Entrance Exam. The scholarship amount is based on a scale set by the school president. This scholarship must be renewed annually through Smart Aid, and students must maintain a minimum-required GPA. 

Alumni Scholarship

Children of Damien alumni receive a $1,000 scholarship annually per enrolled student. When applying through Smart Aid, you must upload a PDF document containing the alumni name, relationship to student, student name and student graduation year. This scholarship must be renewed each year through Smart Aid.

Sibling Scholarship

If a family has multiple siblings enrolled at Damien, the younger students will receive a scholarship for 10% of tuition. This scholarship must be renewed annually via Smart Aid by uploading either birth certificates of all siblings or 1040 tax return forms (private personal information may be blacked out).

Active Duty Military Scholarship

Damien offers a 25% scholarship off tuition for current and new students who are dependents of full-time active duty military personnel. This scholarship must be renewed on an annual basis via Smart Aid. Documented orders indicating “active duty” status are required and must be uploaded to the application. This scholarship cannot be combined with others but may be combined with Financial Aid or academic scholarships.

**Please note that Damien Memorial School is no longer offering a Parish/Catholic Schools one time scholarship. These funds will be redirected to need based financial aid. For questions, please contact aid@damien.edu

Third party Scholarships

All external scholarships have their own requirements and support teams as indicated in the links below.

Augustine Educational Foundation Scholarships

The Augustine Educational Foundation offers partial scholarships to qualified students who attend any Catholic school within the Diocese of Honolulu, including Damien. Applicants must apply directly to the foundation and are required to submit financial information, including tax returns and W-2 forms.  Click here for more information.  

Palama Settlement Scholarship

Palama Settlement offers partial educational scholarships to students who participate in the Palama Settlement Program or live in the Kalihi-Palama-Liliha area and are accepted/enrolled at a private school for 9th grade or higher. Students must demonstrate financial need, have participated in a community service event through Palama Settlement within the last 12 months, and have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Click here for more information.

Kipona Scholarship

Kamehameha Schools and Bishop Estate offers partial scholarships to students of Hawaiian ancestry who demonstrate financial need and seek to attend a private school in Hawaii other than Kamehameha Schools. Damien is a participating partner in this program, but students must apply directly through Kamehameha Schools and complete an annual renewal process.  Click here for more information.

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