Grades 6-12, have supervised use of the Internet, and a variety of software programs permit students to write, present, communicate, organize, research, manipulate data, analyze, create and think more effectively.

Laptop Program

Beginning in grade 6 and continuing through grade 12, all students are provided an Apple laptop with a customized package of software. Teachers then incorporate the use of student laptops into their curriculum through diverse, computer-based activities. Access to and support for digital information, tools, devices and rich learning opportunities are fully integrated throughout the K – grade 12 environment. Therefore, any technology fees are added after tuition.

Students use the laptops throughout the day and across campus, taking advantage of the wireless environment. As laptops are integral to the curriculum, students also take home as extensions of the learning experience.

Damien Memorial provides a secure and robust technology infrastructure on campus, including age-appropriate Internet filtering, and the program addresses Internet safety and online etiquette. Technical assistance is readily available to students by teachers or the Damien Help Desk.

MacBook Troubleshooting


Students are able to strengthen their technology skills with the introduction of the One to One Computing Program, and by grade 9, technology becomes an integral part of learning.

In the middle school, an elective study skills is offered, which the basic foundation of computer skills are mastered. Conducting research online, using online resources and apps such as Google Docs, Edmodo and Wordpress. Media Literacy, is another course to access, analyze and create media in a variety of forms. It also empowers students to be critical thinkers and makers, effective communicators and build a digital citizenship with ethical use of the Internet.

In high school, Computer technology-themed courses are offered in Computer Tech I, II, III, news writing, digital photography, yearbook and Monarch Media. Using today's online learning technologies, technology students may also take advantage of a variety of opportunities through partner programs such as Ole`lo and Hiki No.


Technology permeates almost every facility on campus, and most classrooms are equipped with projectors, smart boards or other equipment. Beyond that, technology-focused facilities include:


  • High School Computer Lab, Room 327
  • Library Computer Lab