Aloha, Damien parents and students!

This time will forever be special to me, since it’s my first year as Damien’s President. Very early in my tenure, I could clearly see that Damien is well-positioned for sustained success and service to our campus community and extended ‘ohana.

Catholic education has played an integral role in my faith, character and values, along with my development as a professional. I attended a Blessed Edmund Rice Christian Brothers high school on the mainland. It was so impactful that I continued with Catholic institutions for my undergraduate and law degrees.

As a parent, I certainly want my child’s educational experience to be academic, enriching and transformative. And no doubt all Damien parents have the same goals for their children. 

I assure you that our expectations are more likely realized when students actively participate in their day-to- day educational path. Therefore, I always challenge students to learn actively, ask questions and get involved! To that end, Damien offers a vast array of elective classes, clubs, events, service projects and activities that further learning, personal growth and faith.

Similarly, I encourage parents to get involved in Damien activities. Our wide range of volunteer opportunities include campus beautification “field days,” homecoming and alumni events, fundraisers, website and publications, parking lot and safety teams, logo shop, after-school clubs and athletic events.

I have an open-door policy and invite anyone in our ‘ohana to meet with me and share ideas or just talk story. For parents, I frequently host “coffee hours” before school in the cafeteria. For students, I meet with them before school and during lunch periods. We post details about these get-togethers in the calendar section of our website.

I look forward to many engaged discussions with all of you and a successful school year. Mahalo for your support, cooperation and collaboration with our Damien faculty, staff and administration. Aloha and God Bless!

Wes Reber Porter

President, Damien Memorial School